• Hi! I am Gunjan.

    I am a Strategic Designer and Researcher.

    I am endlessly curious and enjoy bringing clarity to complex questions. I apply empathy, systems thinking, and craftsmanship to strategic insights- to create interactive experiences, products, and services.

    My approach

        I started my career with a degree in Textile design and as a Color and Materials Designer for cars. Now, with over 10 years of experience across different roles, my skills and tools are drawn from diverse fields of practice: human-centered design, business strategy, user and design research, product management, anthropology, organizational change, and learning.


        My strategic design and research services include but are not limited to:

        • User interviews and insight generation 
        • Journey mapping and persona development
        • Market research and competitive analysis
        • Concept development and validation
        • New product development- from idea to launch
        • Collaborating with cross-functional teams including UX/UI designers, engineers, and PMs.

        My mission is to be a part of challenging transdisciplinary projects that create value for people and the planet. I am keen to work on climate action, FemTech, and sustainable futures.


        I reflect and write about my practice and observations here. I am a voracious reader of fiction, design, business, and technology and an occasional writer of Hindi poetry. I also enjoy writing short climate fiction with a bunch of creative folks. In an earlier life, I was trained in Hindustani classical music and textile design.


        Due to confidentiality reasons, not all of my work on service design and user research is featured here. Please reach out to me if you are interested: gunjanvsingh@gmail.com 




      • Work

        Snippets from my professional practice

      • Collaborations

        My current passion projects


        I am part of the Ethnoborrel team that organizes regular meetups for professionals interested and invested in ethnographic practices.

        It is a gathering of practitioners from diverse fields where we present work, seek advice from peers, discover opportunities, advance skills, and link up with broader global networks. My interest in anthropological and ethnographic methodologies stems from the fact that designers have to be keen observers and sense-makers of the human context they are designing for.

        Core Team Member

        As a core team member of Holis, I relaunched and commission content and edit the newsletter for the Holis community, Holis Dispatch.

        Holis is a non-profit organization that fosters social innovation through interdisciplinary collaboration and collective intelligence. At present, Holis comprises a place-based learning program and an action lab that brings together professionals from a wide range of disciplines to work on social innovation projects.


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