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    As a strategic designer, I work with user experience, service design and product innovation projects. My skills and tools are drawn from diverse fields of practice: human-centred design, business strategy, research, organizational change and learning. I enjoy myself best while working on projects which incorporate elements of design, business and technology.


    I love creating visual narratives to produce better strategic impact with my work. My mission is to be a part of challenging transdisciplinary projects and deliver solutions that will improve the quality of life.

    I am a voracious reader of fiction, design, business and technology and an occasional writer of Hindi poetry.

    In an earlier life, I was trained in Hindustani classical music and how to weave on a handloom.


    I reflect and write about my experiences here.


    Please reach out at: gunjanvsingh@gmail.com 

    Here is a link to my CV.



  • My Work

    Discover. Define. Design. Repeat

    Product Development,User research,concept development,prototyping,gamification
    social innovation,sustainable futures,User research,systems thinking,concept development
    digital workplace,UX journey mapping,collaboration
    User journey mapping,Product Development,Agile
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  • Collaborations

    My side hustles



    I am part of the Ethnoborrel team that organises regular meetups for professional ethnographers. It is a gathering of practitioners from diverse fields where we present work, seek advice from peers, discover opportunities, advance skills, and link up with broader global networks. My interest in anthropological and ethnographic methodologies stems from the fact that designers have to be keen observers and sense-makers of the human context they are designing for.



    Trendwatching in the changing landscape of jobs and skills.
    I have written about my observations from an intersection of design, technology and human interaction. My research and insights focus on special skills and learning environments for the new reality of the future workplace.

    Creative Partner

    I am the creative brain at BusyPencils where I work with my two scientist partners. Our recent explorations and engagements include delving into big datasets and information, finding the interesting chunks and creating engaging visual narratives out of them.

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