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Color and Materials at Renault

A selection of the projects done as a Color and Materials Designer in the Mumbai studio of Renault.


Project brief:

A show car concept for outing with family and friends in harmony with the surroundings evoking warmth, energy and fun. The consumer profile was created keeping in account different lifestyles and varied needs of the Indian consumers.

My contribution:

Color and Materials conceptualization and realization on the prototype.

Different themes were explored and one with out in the wild, green and natural look was taken further.
A moodboard with inspirations for colours and materials was created thereupon.Explorations of color and materials with organic trim lines,natural textures was a part of the design process.

The car was exhibited at the New Delhi Auto Expo in January 2008.

The interiors were designed considering different elements of nature which would reflect the adventurous spirit and the spirit of the wild.The dashboard was trimmed in leather etched with a big relief of details of a leaf.The seats had a organic trimline.
The exterior of the car had a tree graphic which added to the theme of the wild outdoors.


Project Brief:

An adventure theme was the foundation of this concept.

My contribution:

Color and Materials conceptualization and realization on the prototype.

A color and material proposal for the exterior as well the exterior of the vehicle is depicted in the images on the side. The C&M proposal was aimed at a rugged and rich theme which was depicted by a moodboard of seasoned old dark leather, antique metallic finishes and engraving.The overall ambience of the vehicle had to put forth a macho and masculine message.

The interiors had a dark overtone offset by beige highlights and engravings in the leather seats to give the feeling of a adventurous voyager.The dashboard was trimmed in dark leather and the central fascia was a dark translucent panel with metallic highlights on the knobs and buttons.

The exterior was proposed in a solid pearlscent color with a combination of shiny and matt silver for highlights in the grill.


Project Brief:

This was a concept of a small car for India which would be ultra low cost and was aimed at consumers who owned a twowheeler and would move to a fourwheeler. The consumers could be middle class working people or upperclass citizens looking for a second cheaper errand car or for their college going kids.It has to appeal to the local tastes but still be smart and funky. Low cost but didn't appear cheap and was a cool thing to possess.

My contribution:

Color and Materials conceptualization and  moodboards.

‘JANTA’ which stands for people, IDENTITY and KEWL were three concept boards which had elements to be explored and integrated in the aesthetics of this car. After the creation of the three concept boards viz. JANTA,IDENTITY and KEWL,harmonies and exterior color combinations which reflected the tastes and choices of the local customer were developed.Different trim lines and materials which suited the Indian consumer’s aesthetic choice and utilitarian needs were included in the proposal for the interior.

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