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The Digital Workplace

Enabling the user adoption of the Digital Workplace in APM Terminals. User journey mapping for the employees, creation of personas and development of touchpoint solutions for enhancing the collaboration at work through digital tools.

What is a Digital Workplace?

The concept of a digital workplace revolves around employees needs; where employees use the most appropriate digital tools to work effectively. It enables employee engagement and agility; and improves the productivity of the workforce at large.

Project brief

As the Digital Workplace evangelist in APM Terminals, my responsibility was to ensure that the employees use the most appropriate digital tools to work effectively. It meant creating awareness and fostering adoption of the digital tools in the workforce at large.

My contribution

User journey mapping, qualitative research, user interviews, personas, infographics, conceptualization, solution development.

Setting up the user journey map

The foremost task was to understand the user needs and understand the pain points which they were experiencing daily at work. To best understand user needs and to be able to derive actionable insights, I set up a research plan with a user journey map at the core. With the help of the map, I created different solutions which would enable employee engagement and adoption of the different digital tools.

The APM Terminals employee digital journey was chiefly divided into before the job/on boarding phase, working everyday at APM Terminals and leaving the company. Users in different stages of this journey were interviewed. The main touch points were created after gleaning off some observations during these interviews. This led to the creation of a the APM Terminals employee digital experience journey map template.

Interviewees were also asked to also fill these templates and provide their input regarding the different phases. Depending on what stage of the employee journey they were in, they provided feedback regarding what they were thinking, doing and feeling for a particular incident/ stage. Interviews included employees who had just started, who were there for a considerable amount of time and also who had just resigned.

A representative journey was created after gathering a number of such interviews and feedbacks from employees and mapping how are their experiences in different phases of their tenure at APM Terminals.

Gathering the insights about the low touch points in the journey helped in ideation about the solutions.

Creating the personas

The interviews also helped in creating a few personas which could be used as a benchmark while creating solution artifacts. To be able to develop solutions for the different needs in terminals and offices, the initial focus was on personas who were knowledge workers. They were different based on their goals, work activities, affinity to technology and the age group.

Some solutions and interventions

After the research phase, it was important to see what were the pitfalls in this whole experience of the Digital Workplace and what interventions needed to be planned and developed to make them better. A few ideas to get started were to work with on boarding phase and spreading awareness of the availability of different tools to help in different tasks.

Digital Workplace Infographic

One of the most important insight during the qualitative research revealed that people did not know what were the different tools at their disposal. What application could be used for the most efficient and effective execution of the task at hand?

One of the first touch-point solutions was to create an infographic explaining and illustrating the different applications available to them and how they could be used. Since the company works with a lot of joint ventures and due to security and confidentiality purposes, some applications had overlapping functions which made it confusing to know which one should be used in a particular context. Thus a focus on the infographic was to succinctly explain what a particular application is best used for.

Set up of the collaboration champion network

To be able to reach the farthest nook and corner of the organisation, another solution aimed at creation a collaboration champion network was conceived. A collaboration champion was someone who was a early adopter of technology, was a digital evangelist, who would use these tools to their optimum in her work and drive the user adoption of these digital tools among the local colleagues. They were going to be in different locations around the globe and through regular online meetings exchange best practices about the digital workplace.


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