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What's your Brand Poetry?

Design of a strategic framework for growth in branded environments for UXUS

Project Brief

UXUS is a multidisciplinary design firm located in Amsterdam which offers design solutions in retail design, hospitality design, brand identity and architecture. It intends to enter and position itself as a strong player in the domain of branded environments, which includes conceptualizing and designing different touch points in the customer’s journey of experiencing a brand. So, in order to gain market share in the presence of established global giants and competitors what should be the UXUS strategy and what steps should be taken forward? How should UXUS differentiate itself and grow?

My contribution

Analysis of the organisation and the markets, competitor analysis, service blueprinting, growth strategy and recommendations

Analysis and insights

The starting phase of the project was internal analysis, which included qualitative research through employee interviews and mapping of the market sectors and account management.These analyses provided forth a set of strengths and weaknesses which UXUS had.

Brand Poetry, UXUS’ unique design methodology, emerged as one of the core strengths of the design firm and seemed like a strong differentiating factor that should be capitalised to gather more recognition in this market domain. Although UXUS being a close-knit and flexible organisation contributes to its strength, the high employee turnover and a lack of strategic account management are important concerns for the design firm. A service blueprint was created that mapped the entire service process to indicate the touchpoints which could be improved upon. An external analysis of trends and competitors indicated the opportunities and threats which lie ahead for growth concerns.

Directions for growth

A study of the market sectors to gauge their growth rate and other financial implications was undertaken to indicate the potential of business opportunities for UXUS. Hotels, restaurants and corporate workspaces were the different directions which were selected. The lodging industry with a yearly growth rate of 13% due to the rise in tourism and return of the business travellers promised growth for UXUS.
Hence, this domain was studied further with case studies of brand environments created by the competitors. This provided insights about the kind of competencies and skills required to get established and be successful in this sector.

Strategy and recommendations

Based on the strategic framework and recommendations, an action plan for marketing and management is formulated for honing up new business development methods and internal management processes.
The strategy of “Connect, Invest and Sustain” with a tagline of “ What’s your brand poetry” was proposed. This would be the approach of UXUS to enter and establish themselves in the brand environment domain.

This visualization was created to help understand the growth roadmap in a comprehensive and easy manner. Each step of the ladder indicated a particular direction they would have to invest and nurture.The recommendations on each of the three steps looked at different subjects which were not only important for their entry into this particular sector of brand environments but also integral to their growth as a design firm.

The entire documentation of this project is available here.

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